Dr. Alder became an honors graduate of Life West Chiropractic College, on September 18, 1995. He grew up in Spokane Wa. and attended Shadle Park High School.  He is married to his wonderful wife Lisa and has 5 children.  He loves spending time with his family and the outdoors.  After chiropractic college he practiced in Boise Idaho for almost two years and then returned to Spokane as he missed the beauty of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.  He established he practice in 1995.

Dr. Paul is involved in the community and in the church. He enjoys working with the Boy Scouts, is an eagle scout himself he continues to help young men in their quest to become an eagle scout.

Dr. Alder has been a guest lecturer in California,  Idaho and Washington.

Dr. Alder was introduced to chiropractic after a power lifting injury.  This changed his life,  because he found chiropractic to be a safe and an effective natural drug free approach to wellness.  After his first experience with chiropractic he knew that this is something he wanted to do, so that he could make an impact on  peoples life’s with out the use of drugs or surgery.

For the last seventeen years Doctor Alder has taken care of the professional cowboys that come to the Spokane Interstate Fair.  He shows such love to his patients and everyone that comes into our office becomes our patients and are our most dearest friends.