Headaches are a prevalent issue, particularly among individuals who spend extended periods seated, especially those engaged in computer-based work. Tension headaches, in particular, are frequently reported by individuals experiencing discomfort that typically originates from the neck or the base of the skull and radiates to the front of the head. Many sufferers can anticipate the onset of these headaches. They may stem from past neck trauma, like whiplash, or from consistent poor posture habits. Regardless of the cause, headaches often exhibit a close association with the cervical spine (neck), leading to the term “cervicogenic headaches.”

If you have sustained an injury that is causing you pain, come in to Alder Family Chiropractic. We won’t mask the pain with muscle relaxers, but rather rehabilitate the spine so it’s functioning properly with your nervous system. If you are experiencing pain constantly, from an accident or something else, you may have chronic pain. Chronic pain is pain that lasts constantly for more than three months. Chiropractics is proven effective for people with chronic pain, without the use of addictive medications. We can reduce your pain naturally, treating the source directly.

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