Headaches and migraines can inflict profound debilitation, a reality only understood by those who have experienced their severity. When a migraine strikes, it can render individuals incapacitated, often leaving them with no recourse but to seek solace in a dark, quiet room and attempt to sleep until the episode subsides. Consequently, migraines greatly disrupt numerous daily activities, impairing functionality and productivity. In America, migraines are a significant factor contributing to absenteeism from work, further underscoring their impact on both individuals and society as a whole.

If you have sustained an injury that is causing you pain, come in to Alder Family Chiropractic. We won’t mask the pain with muscle relaxers, but rather rehabilitate the spine so it’s functioning properly with your nervous system. If you are experiencing pain constantly, from an accident or something else, you may have chronic pain. Chronic pain is pain that lasts constantly for more than three months. Chiropractics is proven effective for people with chronic pain, without the use of addictive medications. We can reduce your pain naturally, treating the source directly.

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