Neck Pain

Neck pain can profoundly impact one’s daily life, with even slight movements causing intense discomfort, particularly during the acute phase. As the condition progresses into chronic, neck pain often manifests as stiffness, soreness, and a persistent dull ache. Restricted and painful range of motion commonly accompanies this ailment. Given the neck’s remarkable mobility, it’s prone to various injuries and conditions such as whiplash, cervical torticollis, muscle and joint sprains, disc bulges, and nerve compression.

In the western world, neck pain ranks among the leading causes of disability, often intertwined with headaches. This highlights the interconnectedness of these conditions and underscores the significance of addressing neck pain comprehensively.

If you have sustained an injury that is causing you pain, come in to Alder Family Chiropractic. We won’t mask the pain with muscle relaxers, but rather rehabilitate the spine so it’s functioning properly with your nervous system. If you are experiencing pain constantly, from an accident or something else, you may have chronic pain. Chronic pain is pain that lasts constantly for more than three months. Chiropractics is proven effective for people with chronic pain, without the use of addictive medications. We can reduce your pain naturally, treating the source directly.

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